Take A Break

Since last year November, I have not stepped out of Singapore for a break.  Since the June school holidays have ended, I can take a short trip to Genting & Kuala Lumpur (KL).

This time round I'm going with my hubby and my dear dad. 

Before I got married I had travelled with my dad to KL before.  Travelling with dad is quite a good experience.  He used to work in Malaysia for most part of his youthful days.  Thus, whenever we passed by some places familiar to him, he would relate to me his story of his youthful days.  They were quite interesting though.  Furthermore, he is not fussy about food, so we both enjoyed ourselves very much, I mean FOOD.  I really love travelling with him. :-)  Hope this trip will be a memorable one for him, me and my hubby.  FYI, my dad and hubby get along very well.  I hope I won't be negelected during the trip ... hahaha ...

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