Durian Pancake 榴莲煎饼

The Chinese word for Durian, the king of fruits, is Liu Lian, but my Lian can't be typed out with a 木字旁so I used 莲花的莲.  To me durian is also like lian hua, Lotus flower.  At least to me :-)  So nice, so beautiful, so sweet ...... I love it! 

Well I know, some of us don't like Durian because of the smell.  But hor, to me the smell is heavenly! Though I know durian is very high in sugar content, that's why diabetic patient can't eat this fruit or only limit to one seed at a time, I still can't help but to make it into Durian Pancake.  I found out that after chilling the pancake with durian filling, the filling don't taste as sweet.  So I allowed my mum and dad to have one each.  I don't let my folks have too much of high sugar content food or fruits.

I used the same pancake recipe which I used one week ago.  My hubby bought 2 boxes of durian and I just mashed them up, as simple as that.
Mashed Durian Filling


  1. Oooo, yummy! It reminds me of the time when my mom used to make these pancakes for me, when I was small. I don't know if I like durian, but I did try it out one time in bio because my bio teacher loves it and he encourage the whole class to eat some. Now that I know it is high in sugar content, I don't know if I will like it as much. lol. btw, thanks for the cheesecake recipe post.

  2. Dun mention Esther. Tho durian is high in sugar content, if consume once in a blue moon it shd be ok. Do try it, worth it! :-) And is so easy to make ...

  3. Esther
    your doriyaki look like those sold outside, yummy yummy ... will try it out soon as i hv a can of japanese red bean sitting in my kitchen :-)

  4. hi, first time visting ur blog..nice blog ^.^.. like eat durian too..ur durian pancake look very delicious..mind to share the recipe??

  5. Hi Syelyn
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You can refer to my blog "Pancake Roll my way", the recipe for for the pancake is there. As for the durian filling, you just need to de-seed the durian and mash the durian flesh will do. Hope this helps.


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