Fruit Pastry Cake

This cake was a hit among food bloggers recently.  I have joined in the line to bake this cake 2 days ago.  I got my recipe from Ohbin~活在当下.  I found that the cake was kinda short as compared to other cakes I have baked before.  It tasted like butter cake but with the tangy taste from the strawberries and the sweetness from the peaches, 确实别有一番风味。


  1. Is it a trend to bake this cake now? Cannot imagine baking also has a trend hor.

    So coincidentally, I saw Rachel Allen demo-ing how to do this cake in her show recently.

    You done this so well, just like Rachel Allen's, even with icing.... I seldom do "finishings" hehe.

    Thanks for the award you gave me. I read it a few days ago, but busy chasing HK drama 家好月圓,so have not responded. I just finished two of my overdue post on bake and now too tired to write for a bake I did today ...

    三天三點才睡了。現在神智不清了。要明天試看繼續。從來沒人award 我。那天知道了,好開心。謝謝啦。

  2. Sherlyn
    i just feel that i hv to send you the awards. to encourage you, bcos tho with kids and pile of household chores still manage to bake and do beadings. 很棒耶!
    Aiyo, my pastry cake is not as nice as those who have baked before me. I have put too much icing.


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