Fruit Pastry Cake & Ice Cream

I took few days to finish my pastry cake, though I have given almost half to my neigbhour.  Reason being, my DH only ate a little as he is not a cake person.  Hence, ended up I have to finish the rest on my own.  Well, I don't like to eat it plain, so I topped it up with 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream. Surprisingly, it tasted very good.  Subsequently, I ate up all the cake having ice cream as my accompliment.

******************************************************************************************* 2 days ago, I made some Steamed Red Bean Cake.  The taste itself was pretty good, the red beans were kinda softened but still can bite.  However, I forgotten to grease the moulds, hence end up my product came out uneven.  Haiz ... What a forgetful person am I!  My recipe is extracted from "步步糕粿"(Kueh Flavour) by Chef Wong Kim Meng.
150g     Rice Flour (粘米粉)
150g     Sugar
5 pcs    Pandan leaves (screwpine)
1 drop  Alkaline water
100g    cooked red bean

1. Mix rice flour with 280ml water to form batter.
2. Cook sugar with pandan leaves & 150ml water until it boils.
Pour batter into syrup. Add 120ml water & alkaline water.
Remove pandan leaves.
3. Preheat Hong Kong cup cake moulds or small cups (greased them
before use).
4. Pour batter into it. Place 1 tbsp of cooked red beans in each mould.
Steam over high heat for 15-20 mins. Serve.

With the remaining red beans that I have cooked, I made some red bean soup (didn't take any photo) and with the remaining red bean soup, I made it into Red Bean Soup Ice Cream using the ice cream mould.

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