My love for cream cheese

Yes, yes, yes, I know what you are going to "warn" me.  Cream cheese is very fattening!  However, I have a soft-spot for cream cheese eversince I first tasted this lovely stuff.  Well, in fact, I don't use it for my baking very often.  Just once in every few months. ;-p

Today, I baked with cream cheese again, but with light cream cheese instead of the usual Philly full cream cheese.  Psychologically, I feel "lighter" eating light cream cheese (what a good excuseeeee). 

Anyway, I decided baked this cake because I wanted to use up my expired light cream cheese.  From some blogs, I know that expired cream cheese can be used too as long as the cheese is always in the fridge and not in and out of it.  Thus, expired dairy products, except MILK, can be used after their expiry date. Even expired butter can be used too.  However, if you have little kids at home, then better don't use it or their little stomach cannot take it.  Of course, it is better to use up all dairy products before the due date for safety of the family.

The cake tasted very good but my cream cheese layer was nowhere to be seen. Rather, it became like sort of a marble cheese cake.  So shall it be, and I shall name this cake as marble cheese cake (the top portion only) ... However, the top portion cracked! So sad :-{  I should have adjusted the temperature to 10°C lower.
Mixture A
250g     Philly Light Cream Cheese
60g       Sugar
1 no.     Egg

* Beat cream cheese & sugar till light and fluffy. Add in egg and stir till well combined. Set aside.

Mixture B
180g    Butter, rm tempt
150g    Sugar
3 nos.  Eggs
3 tbsp  Cocoa powder
120g    Self Raising Flour (I accidentally used Plain flour, so I added 1 tsp of baking powder & 1/4 tsp of baking soda)
1 tsp    Baking powder

* Grease a 7" round pan or square pan. Preheat oven at 180°C.
* Beat butter & sugar till light and fluffy. Add in eggs one by one, stir well after each addition.
* Sift all dry ingredients together to butter & egg mixture.
* Pour half of Mixture B into the prepared cake pan, then pour in all of Mixture A, lastly pour the  
   remaining Mixture B to cover Mixture A.
* Bake for 45-50 mins or until the cake is set.

*** Oven temperature and baking time are for reference only.  Adjust accordingly to suit your oven.


  1. Pretty cheesecake. :) It looks really good! Where did you get the recipe? Care to share it with us? Thanks for your informative facts about expired products. Sometimes I don't know if I should use them. I just base it off of smell if anything is expired, like if I open a can of evaporated milk I smell it to see if it's expired because I couldn't use it all up.

  2. Hi Esther
    Thanks for popping by. Recipe attached for your reference. Hope you find it useful.
    Ya sometime I do depend on my nose to determine if the dairy product is good for consumption. Well, as a sunny island citizen, kiasi is my character, haha, so normally when the product is expired even for a day or two, esp. milk or yogurt, I will just dump them into the dustbin.

  3. It has been a long time since I see light philly cheese sold in my Clementi NTUC so I have been buying the fattening cheese all these whiles, but luckily I only get it during sales and they do not go on sales often. Heng ah :)

    Nice cake you have here, I am sure it is very tasty.

  4. Hi Sherlyn
    We do not consume Cream Cheese so often, so whether light or not should be ok la ... I still hv 2 sticks of Full Cream Cheese in my fridge, not expired one .. hehehe ... so i will find excuse to use them up ... a tiramisu or Cream Cheese Chiffon? hmmm ...

  5. Sigh, tiramisu .. I have asked dh to buy me a bottle of baileys cos i want to make tiramisu, but it has been sitting there half a year liao ... u want some? buying a whole bottle dun noe when can finish after I open it.

    ok goto go fetch son.

  6. thanks sherlyn. i hv a bottle of Kahlua. i also bought it quite sometime ago, i think 3 yrs ago. i used it only 2-3 times. but of course baileys is a better choice. :-)

    hey, nowadays bloggers gathering vy IN. maybe we can arrange for that? just a thought only. :-)

  7. How come you know abt such trends ah .. gather outside for me is rather difficult, cos I hv to settle the kids .. unless it is like at ikea, then i can dump the kids inside while I have an hour to talk to my frens peacefully haha

    3 yrs , can keep so long after opening?

  8. Can keep that long. Wine leh!

    ye i know with kids is quite difficult. unless is just a simple gathering at Ikea like u suggested. 1 wk sch hol is coming soon (so fast?), maybe can arrange a day to go out?

  9. can .. ikea will be my only choice hahaha

  10. Oh I saw the blogger gathering post ... they each bring their homemade ... sigh .. I cant attend like that .. my homemade 不到家。hahahahaha

  11. aiya .. we are all not pro ma .. it's ok la. but don't if ikea allow us to bring our own food in? u know?

  12. hehe, that I don't know leh .. but if u want me to bring my home bake, then I will not meet u lah .. I still dare not commit to bring bake, cos I am not sure if i can squeeze out the time to bake it for u keke...

  13. no worry, we just come out for a simple gathering. Ikea's food is enough already, no need to squeeze time and bake. I know u with 2 kids, 顾上顾下,not easy ..

  14. hehe, ok set ... lets set a date when it is closer, but I cant make it towards the end of holiday, cos must go back to msia to visit in law .. has been months .. we used to go back once every two months or so. U weekday aso can one hor?

  15. guess we will be meeting in the afternoon, so Monday to Wednesday will be ok for me. Hw abt u?

  16. Wait ah, HFMD getting worst .. you think I shd let them enter playroom? I ok with monday to wednesday .. but wondering abt entering ikea playroom ... let me chk with dh if he is ok with me bringing them to playroom .. if this one cannot, u know of any other place where we can eat.talk and they play?
    btw, sherlyn.lui@gmail.com is my email. Let's contact there instead of using up the "comments" space. hehe


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