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I love to bake banana cake, because it is so easy. Furthermore, I have a fail-proof recipe, i.e. Cooking Ninja's banana muffin recipe.  Hence, my banana cake is always well received by those who tasted it. Thank you very much CJNfor this wonderful recipe. In fact, I baked all my banana cakes and muffins with this recipe. This time round, I did make a minor change by replacing melted butter with sunflower oil. This cake is so fluffy and moist, and the aroma of the over-ripped banana is so fragrant.  I can say that this is the best banana cake I have ever baked. :-P   Have a slice, friend?


  1. It looks nice. Very successful, even when the oil totally replaced the butter! I would be scared to do that with recipes, but one day I'll try doing that.

  2. Hi Jess
    Thks for the compliments.

    Hi Esther
    I have been replacing butter with oil (mostly sunflower oil) for quite some time. The result may not be as aromatic as using butter, but it also depends on the bake you are making. Like this banana cake, even without butter, it tasted heavenly bcos of the over-ripped bananas. Give a try Esther.

  3. oil is definitely more healthy than butter, isn't it? Has been a long time since I bake anything with banana ... looks like time to do one again soon...

  4. Hi Sherlyn
    Any bake that I want my mum to try, I will replace butter with oil bcos she doesn't like butter. However, I only use sunflower oil. I dare not use olive oil or other oils as they have certain kind of aroma that my mum doesn't like as well.

  5. oh i c ... anyway let's see when I get to try your banana cake hehehe ..


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