Cheddar Cheese Cake (C.C.C.)车达乳酪蛋糕

This CCC has been a hit on some Malaysia Chinese food blogs.  Hence, I want to give it a try to see if it is as good as it claims.  I got the recipe from Potato Moon. Her blog is full of beautiful baked stuff. Thank you 月亮. :-)

Well, my verdict of this cake is: It is worth trying ~the cake is superb, whether taste or texture! The texture is moist and soft, something like a souffle. And it tastes like Light Japanese Cheesecake. You don't feel "heavy" eating this cake.废话少说, let's take a look at the pics.


  1. It looks nice and fluffy. Did it taste salty at all?

  2. Esther, you can only taste a mild saltiness in the cake. As I know cheese slices will be kinda salty, so I used unsalted butter. Do give a try! The cake really tastes very good, in my opinion. :-)

    Yes Neyeeloh, indeed, this is the most "fluffyiest" (is there such word?) cake of this sort I have ever baked.

  3. looks soft and fluffy, the way u described make me wanna bake. I just thrown away almost one kg of shredded cheddar cheese cos got moldy :(, so sayang leh.

  4. Jess
    what a pity! Wa, u bought so much cheddar cheese at one go? I think the cheese must hv come into contact with water when in the handling, that's why got moldy.
    This cake uses cheese slices, e.g. Kraft cheese. I will bake again :-)


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