I go Bananas .... :-?

I love bananas. Do you? In fact, I love banana cake even more.  Hence, whenever I have bananas in extra, I will and never fail, to bake banana cake. 
Yesterday night at 12 midnight, I preheated my oven and went on to bake a small loaf of banana cake and 4 small banana cupcakes.  Yes you didn't see wrongly, is 12 midnight.  I was very bored and as I walked into the kitchen, I saw the bunch of over-ripped bananas sitting down there, and the rest is history.
11 days ago, I baked a squarish banana cake using Cooking Ninja's (CN) recipe. This time round, I tried another recipe from  Sqidoo.com.  This recipe doesn't call for milk, cinnamon & nutmeg to be added. The whole process of baking this banana cake doesn't involve any electric appliances other than the oven. Just a spoon or spatula and stir stir stir, the job is done! Fuss free indeed! My motto again, simple and easy.  :-)
Some people call it banana cake, some call it banana bread. To me, whether is a cake or a bread, as long as it is tasty and simple, it makes no difference.  Talk about the taste and texture, this cake is more moist than the other one using CN's recipe. However, it doesn't  smell as aromatic as the previous one though I used more bananas. I think it was due to the different kinds of bananas used.  Nonetheless, the taste is good and the sweetness of the bananas make me eating it one piece after another (of course I cut it into very small pieces before consuming :-P).


  1. looks good, banana cake always is one of my favourite.

  2. No fuss, no mixer .. suits me best. hehehe ..

  3. 谢谢捧场。hehehe ... 这是我一贯的做法嗫:-)简单就是美!


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