Seri Muka

Many bloggers said that one of their favourite Malay kuih is Seri Muka. What is it?  Neh! The one that bottom layer is glutinous rice and top layer is a kaya-like kuih. Got it? :-) 
(photo by courtesy of My Mute Monologue)

And here is my version which is not really nice to look at but good to eat .. hehe .. Before making the kuih, I thought it is not too easy to make, but now I know, it is very simple and involve only a few ingredients.  If you are a fan of Malay kuihs, give this a try. Sedap!!

I got the recipe from Table for 2 or more. Thank you Wendy for sharing the recipe. Her kuih was very nicely presented. The top part of her Seri Muka was so even not like mine, just like those holes on the surface of the moon :-p 
All because I did not follow instructions clearly when steaming the kuih, should use medium heat but I used high heat for the first few minutes. Haiz ... Remember friends, must follow instructions, don't be like me... blur queen ...
Taste wise, it is full of pandan flavour.  My DH was lured by the smell of the kuih and sneaked into the kitchen wanting to try the kuih while it was just brought out from the steamer.  However, is kinda too sweet for me. Next time must remember to reduce 2 to 3 tablespoonfuls of sugar from the recipe. The texture of the glutinous rice is just right, not too hard not too soft. But the top kaya-like layer is a bit too soft. Must remember to add 1 to 1.5 more heaps tablespoon of flour or can add 1 tbsp of corn flour so that the texture will be firmer.


  1. Wao, I must stay near you .. all those that you bake are my fav!! I will be too lazy to try, cos these kuih are only the adults' fav.

  2. haha ... this is my maiden Seri Muka, still has room for improvement. my neighbours are my "guinea pigs", they hv "no choice" but to eat my stuff ... hahahaha ... but of course edible ones la ..


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