Banana Fritters

Whenever I have bananas on hand, I will bake a banana cake. This time round, I want to have a change.  I made Banana Fritters.  In fact, deep-fried stuff is "forbidden" in my house.  Not that I don't eat such food but I don't cook it at home.  My DH doesn't like the idea of deep-frying at home. It will make the place oily and also it's not healthy to eat deep-fried food. Hence, you can see from my cooking list that I don't cook such stuff. However, I made an exception today because I don't want to eat banana cake!

From the info given on the internet, it seems that Banana Fritters are a snack belonging to many ethnic groups, e.g. Malaysian, Mexican, Indonesian, even South African!  But each ethnic group has their unique way of making it.  Well, no matter which ethnic group it belongs to, Banana Fritters are a tasty and easy to make.

I got my recipe from here.  It was really easy to whip up the whole thing.  Just be patient during frying time. Here are my Banana Fritters ...

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