A Good Role Model

These past 2 days, Mrs Lee's image was always on my mind.

After reading all about her life story and her way of handling matters and the love she had for her husband MM Lee, my admiration for her grown. In my heart, I quietly and decisively made her my role model.  It's very rare that I admire a person to the extent of making her my role model. Not even my ex-church pastors, they can't and they can never will.  However, Mrs Lee is an exception.

I know that no man is a saint.  However, she had such great aplomb, humanity, modesty, compassion,   ... such great qualities of a human all embodied in her. It's no wonder that during the 2 days of the wake service at the Istana Sri Temasek, so many Singaporeans queued under the hot sun just to pay their last respect to this great woman in the history of Singapore.

We are so grateful towards her for her dedication in building the nation hand in hand with MM Lee in her resilient and tactful ways.  Mrs Lee, your legacy will continue ... ...

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