A Great Loss

Last week, we sent off Dr Balaji, Senior Minister of State and also one of the MPs of Ang Mo Kio constituency, who passed away due to colon cancer.  It was a great loss to Singapore and also to his residents in Ang Mo Kio.

Two days ago, we had another greater lost.  Mdm Kwa Geok Choo, better known as the wife of  Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, had left us to go to a better place.  Though she was a woman of low profile, but we Singaporeans know that she was the woman behind the giant statesman of Singapore, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore.  Her leaving was indeed a great lost to Singapore. 

Her contributions to Singapore aside, I just want to attribute to her as a woman.  Apart from being a successful career woman as a Lawyer with Lee & Lee, joint venture with MM Lee's younger brother, she was also a great mother to all her three children, one of whom is our present Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. 

During her working days as a busy lawyer, she would take time off from her tight schedule to have lunch with her young children.  She never neglected them.  This is something that present working mums should learn ~ take time off for your children, they need you!  She was very attentive to details and would make sure her children were well taken care of.  Her highly low profile personality also made sure that she would not steal the limelight of her husband MM Lee whenever they appeared in public.  You will notice that she would walk behind MM Lee on certain occassions.  Actions speak louder than words. A woman of substance behind a successful man.  She was the one.  No one will disagree to say that she was as wise as our MM Lee. Even MM Lee himself said before that his wife had given him many advices on different issues and he won't be who he is today without Mrs Lee.

I read on some documentaries that she never even touched any of MM Lee's faxes which contained sensitive issues. She respected her husband's privacy.  Many modern days women, on the contrary, like to "poke" their noses into their husbands' matters, private or official.  This causes many marital strife between husband and wife.

Mrs Lee was a model for all women in Singapore.  She had done her best as a wife and mother, at the same time pursuing her ambition as a lawyer.  She had portraited to us a picture of a strong woman surviving in tough times (esp. during the days where MM Lee went for public elections and the days when Singapore was a young nation in the 1960s), a wonderful mother who had bred three children of whom all have a successful career, and lastly a wonderful and supportive wife of MM Lee. 

MM Lee always addressed her as his partner, which is absolutely right.  This partner of his had left him and at peace now in the nether world.  I really pray that MM Lee will go through this grieving period and come out strong again, as I believe his wife Mrs Lee would want to see her husband stay strong even without her. 

May you rest in peace Mrs Lee.  You will always be remembered by all Singaporeans. 

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