Kuih Bakar

Kuih Bakar is a traditional Malay kuih.  Kuih means cake and bakar means baked. Hence, together it means baked cake.  Many of the Malay kuihs are steamed kuihs but this kuih bakar uses baking method.
It is a kaya-like kuih full of pandan flavour.  Here's my version.  Mine is a softer version compared to those sold outside.  It is not too sweet, just nice for my DH liking.  Have a slice. :-)


  1. I missed all these kuih but can't finish all by myself if I make this. My husband and colleagues didn't really like kuih :(

  2. I've never had this before. What a pretty color! And it looks delicious.

  3. Hi Zoe
    Thanks for dropping by. If you can't finish on your own, you can share it with friends or neighbours. In fact, I also can't consume all by myself. I shared it with my neighbours and also my mother-in-law. :-)

    Hi Indie.Tea
    Thanks for your compliments. You shoudl try making it. It's easy and tasty. Trust me! :-)


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