Rojak! Rojak!

I love to eat rojak, do you? 

Rojak is an Asian salad, or should I say is a salad popular among Malaysians & Singaporeans?  The ingredients include cucumber, pineapple, green mango, turnip, bean sprouts mixed with a special made Rojak sauce. This sauce is made of shrimp paste, sugar, vinegar or lime juice.  Those Rojak sold in Singapore also add in baked You-Tiao or Chinese crullers. It adds a special flavour to the salad.  To prepare, cut all vegetables & fruits into chunks then mix with the Rojak sauce, and just before serving sprinkle some crushed peanuts on top.
(photo by courtesy of keropok.com)

My version of the Rojak include cucumber, carrot, starfruit, rojak sauce season with lemon juice and sugar and crushed peanuts. To add some spiciness to my rojak, I cut 2 chilli padi and mix with the rest of the ingredients.  Refreshing and flavoursome is all I can say about this Rojak! :-)


  1. I love rojak too, in fact my whole family love it including my daughter, yum yum.

  2. Bingo! Oh Jess it seems we both (our family members too) hv the same kind of taste buds..LOL
    Spicy food and nonya kuihs are my favourite. I guess a lot of Sporeans like these kinds of food too. :-)

  3. I love your rojak Esther !! I miss rojak ever since I left Malaysia. Especially when it comes with the prawn crackers. Yum Yum :)

  4. Thanks for dropping by Weng. Your blog is lovely with many interesting recipes.
    In fact my rojak also rojak rojak come out one. I don't know what will be the taste like with starfruit. But luckily it tastes not bad. Ya prawn crackers add more flavour to the rojak :) I guess rojak can also include different kinds of crunchy fruits like apple, pear, even guava. Refereshing ...


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