Malacca, here I come again :-)

I went to Malacca again. Yes again, because I went there for 3 years consecutively.  However, this time hubby drove in instead of taking a coach.  It was a smooth drive of 3 hours using the 2nd link from Tuas.  But we were kinda lost when we were in Malacca town.  We bought a map specially for this purpose but still get a bit lost. hahaha .. poor sense of direction, even my ex-Navy hubby.  :-P

Anyway, we got to our hotel, The Baba House, safe and sound at about 3.30pm. We started from 2nd link at about 12.45pm. Hence, it was quite a bliss on the road. The Baba House is a boutique hotel located on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, just next to the famous Jonker Street. We parked our car at the Hotel's backyard carpark.  Too bad it is not sheltered, so if it is very sunny, your car will be having its sun bath.
 The Baba House, Malacca, Malaysia
This is the main entrance of the Hotel.

Ulu ulu carpark without shelter. But is better than none.

The carpark is just in front of this Hotel building.
This is the backyard view of the hotel.

A small patio (天井) within the hotel. We can view this patio from our hotel room.
Even the washing basin used in the room is so Baba or Peranakan style.
This basin is placed just outside the bathroom not within.

This is a Chinese Clan club (徐氏会馆) a few doors away from The Baba House.
Also very Peranakan style.

After we put our things in the hotel room, we made our way onto the street to look for FOOD!  In fact, we were not too hungry as we had eaten some home-made sandwiches on the road. Hence, we didn't go for the chicken rice balls which are really famous in Malacca. We had tried it before during our previous trips. Hubby and me find it not too fantastic though. We still prefer our Singapore style Hainanese Chicken Rice. The rice balls are easy to make. Wet your hands, take some chicken rice and roll it into the size of a ping pong ball. That's it!
Chicken Rice Balls
(picture with courtesy from Chessbase News)

As we roamed the streets, we walked pass the famous Jonker 88 dessert shop.  It doesn't only sell dessert, i.e. Chendol and Ice Kachang, it also sells Nonya Food.

Antiques exhibited inside of Jonker 88.
(picture with courtesy from Malaysia Food, Travel & Tourism Blog)

Antiques again.

(picture with courtesy from Malaysia Food, Travel & Tourism Blog)

Random pictures of Malacca


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