Chocolate Chips Walnuts Cookies

I like chocolate chips cookies, the very first kind of cookies I chose to bake when I just started off baking. It's easy and yummy. This time round, the cookies are to my satisfaction using the recipe from Mamamom.  The sweetness is just right and the crispiness is just perfect.  On a rainy evening, biting a cookie, drinking a cup of milk, emmmm ... happppppy ... :-)

I think I better jot down the recipe just in case. :-)

175g  unsalted butter, room temperature
145g  brown sugar
1 no.  egg
220g  plain flour/cake flour
1/4 tsp  baking powder
a pinch of salt (if you use salted butter, can omit)
chocolate chips
chopped walnuts

1. Whisk butter till light and fluffy. (I didn't use any equipment at all, just a balloon whisk and spatular)
2. Add brown sugar, whisk until combined.
3. Add egg, mix until just combined.
4. Add sifted flour, baking powder and salt.
5. Add choc chips & walnuts. Use a spatular to gently fold the batter. Just mix until no flour is seen. Don't fold any longer or the cookie will come out hardened.
6. Line cookie dough on baking tray and bake in preheated oven at 180˚C for 20 mins.*

*Different ovens have different temperature setting, so this temp and timing are just for reference. Adjust according to your own oven.  For my "koyak" 19L oven, I use 170-175˚C. Sometime I even set to 165˚C, as it gets hot very easily.
I am going to get a new oven soon when I shift to my new house about 5 months later. Any brand and model to recommend?  I thought of having a 45-56L model. Can bake more cookies at the same time ma ... :-)

I will be baking these yummy cookies for the coming CNY. Must make double the portion ... hehehe ...

Jess of  j3sskitch3n is hosting Aspiring Bakers #3 for January 2011. I have not joined this kind of baking event before, out of curiousity, I am submitting this Chocolate Chips Cookies to Aspiring Bakers #3 : My Favorite CNY Cookie (Jan 2011).


  1. hmm .. nicely packed , for CNY? I wonder if I can do the same without equipement... I would love to try too ...

    You are shifting? shift to west ah? :)

    I also thinking of changing my koyak oven but nowadays the ovens are so big (looked at Best and they dun fit my small space now :(

  2. I miss all these typical red top plastic jars that stores all CNY goodies. The cookies are really great for this celebration.

  3. hi sherlyn
    finally u can leave comments on my blog :-P
    no la, these are not CNY goodies. i hv yet to decide what to bake for CNY. cant bake too early or it will finish before CNY arrives.LOL
    M shifting back to AMK again. My block was choosen for Enbloc. So govt "compensate" another unit for us in AMK again! M lucky hor! hehe ...
    My present fan force oven cant fan anymore, like dying any minute. u see my cookies, not too even in colour, but cant buy new one now must wait till new flat come. what capacity is your oven? i thought make build-in oven, do u think is good?

    hi zoe
    these cookies are good for any occasion. of course especially during CNY, any cookies are welcome .. haha .. u can give it a try.
    u mean u cant get such jars in australia? do u want me to send to u some?

  4. Built in? not too sure .. did not do reserch on oven, but HHB did.
    Move bak to AMK? Which part? MY grandma stay in AMK ave 10 Blk 576. Too bad I go bak mersing during CNY, else I can go see u.

  5. Sherlyn
    I won't be shifting till April or May. I take the keys fr HDB in March. I will be staying at Blk 300 plus near the bishan park.
    HHB house is big with a big kitchen. Mine is vy pathetic, vy small. So must think properly what to instal in the kitchen. Once installed can't change. That's why think if Built in will make the kitchen more neat or by individual ones.

  6. I like crispy cookies, these cookies looks so good!

  7. 大有大好,小有小的妙。。麻雀雖小,五臟俱全就好。

  8. hi jess
    thks for your kind comments. indeed, the cookies stay crispy for many days in an air tight container. so far, these are the crispiest (hv such word?) cookies i hv ever made.

    hey sherlyn
    your comments vy rhyme ley.... <^o^>

    after considering the pros & cons, i hv decided not to make built-in for oven, a 42-45L individual oven will do. I believe that my new kitchen won't hv enough space to make room for a built-in space.
    i want to maximise use of the kitchen space for cabinets.

  9. Thanks for joining Aspiring Bakers! Happy Rabbit Year to you! :)


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