Brownie in a cup

I love to bake brownies because it is so easy (again my motto), and the result is always satisfactory.  This time round, I used two large eggs for the batter and the result was a super fudgy brownie. I have also pour it into small paper cups for easy handling. Say no more, here are the pictures.


  1. You make me want to rush into the kitchen to bake a batch of brownies now. Your brownies look so moist and fudgy!

  2. wow, this looks really good! *slurp*

  3. Sorry for late reply gals!

    HHB, your kitchen is so sparkling clean. I think I want to imitate you having minimal items in the kitchen when I shift house in 2 months' time. :-)
    Try these brownies out. Really vy fudgy.

    Cathy, thks for dropping by. Hehe ... m a chocolate fan. So these brownies, tho fattening were mostly consumed by mua .... of course gave some to neighbours, let's get fat together .. hahaha ..


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