Sylvia Lim excellent speech in Parliament on Ministeral Pay

Wonderful and excellent speech by Ms Sylvia Lim of Workers' Party on Ministeral Pay. She has pointed out very valid points of argument. Let's listen ...


You simply have to read this.  (adapted from An Ivylicious Life)

My Hero - Mr. Chiam See Tong

My Hero - Mr. Chiam See Tong

As the General Election 2011 is just around the corner, I would like to dedicate a post to Mr. Chiam See Tong, Secretary-General to the Singapore People's Party. IMO, he is the unsung hero of Singapore.

1976 – contested unsuccessfully as Independent Candidate at Cairnhill Constituency against Mr. Lim Kim San Minster for National Development and Communications.
1979 – Took part in by-election also as independent candidate at Potong Pasir. Lost to Mr. How Yoong Chong, Minster for Defence designate.
September 1980 – Together with friends formed the Singapore Democratic Party.
December 1980 – Contested unsuccessfully at Potong Pasir. Again lost to Mr. How Yoong Chong, Minister for Defence. Obtained 40% votes.
December 1984 – Contested at Potong Pasir as a SDP Candidate at Potong Pasir. Won with 60% majority vote.
September 1988 – Returned again at Potong Pasir Constituency with 63%. 31.08.1991 – Elected third time to Parliament, Potong Pasir constituency with 69.3% votes casted.
17th of December 1996 – Elected Secretary-General of Singapore People’s Party (SPP).
2nd of January 1997 – Elected fourth time to Parliament, Constituency of Potong Pasir as a Singapore People’s Party (SPP) candidate with 54.3% votes polled
2001 – Elected fifth time to Parliament, Constituency of Potong Pasir as a Singapore People’s Party (SPP) candidate with 54.3% votes polled.
2006 – Elected six time to Parliament, Constituency of Potong Pasir as a Singapore People’s Party (SPP) candidate with 54.3% votes polled.

For 27 years, he has slogged hard to conduct his Meet-the-People session at void decks. He is denied of funds to build a proper place but we can see his determination and dedication from the aluminum sheets used to build his make shift office. Why would a man want to become a MP even though he understands that he has to go through so much, even being denied of funds to do every simple thing? Do you live in a PAP constituency? Have you ever seen the MPs from PAP conduct their Meet-the-People session? Its is done is an air-conditioned office. What a stark difference!
This is Mr. Chiam's office for the past 27 years
This man has been bullied for 27years how much longer are we going to let him get bullied and pushed aside by the people hamming the government of Singapore? This man here is fighting so hard for democracy. 

Have you watch Mr. Chiam See Tong in Parliament?
This was Mr. Chiam asking for Potong Pasir to be included in the upgrading program. Why was Potong Pasir not included in the HIP even when Mr. Chiam agreed that they are in agreement of the program? People of Potong Pasir, Mr. Chiam fought for you but did the Government listen?

Here is Mr. Chiam asking for curbing of the influx of foreigners by a skills shortage list and to cut down on GST. Singapore Government, are you listening or did you fall asleep listening to Mr. Chiam? He is physically weak but he is fighting for us. Singapore can you hear him?

If you are wondering why is his speaking slurred, Mr. Chiam has suffered 2 strokes, the last one in 2008. It touches me to tears that a man who has suffered 2 strokes is fighting hard for democracy in Singapore. Is he fighting for fame or money? No, he is fighting because he loves Singapore! Most people at his age would have been retired and should be enjoying life but not Mr. Chiam, not until the day there is true democracy!
This is a letter sent to someone who just moved to Potong Pasir. Which PAP MP do you know does this?
This General Election, Mr. Chiam will be walking out of Potong Pasir, to contest in the Bishan-TPY GRC. He is walking out of his comfort zone and leaving Potong Pasir to his wife, Mrs. Lina Chiam. This is a very big risk for him. He might lose Potong Pasir and Bishan-TPY, and lose his seat as the only one of two Opposition in the Parliament or he could win Bishan-TPY GRC and bring in 4 other Opposition MPs into the Parliament to make the government sit up and listen to what we have to say. 

I have lived in Bishan-TPY all my life and I have NEVER met Mr. Wong Kan Seng, the current MP in charge of my constituency. Its very clear who my vote goes to. Do you live in Bishan-TPY? Who are you voting for?

Lastly, a quote from my hero, "When there is life there is hope, when there is hope, there will be change."

My Singapore

Being a Singaporean is my blessing.
I love my country, my homeland.
I want to see her grow healthily and wealthily.

Our country is now going through a period of
transition to the next era after the General Election.

Our people are going to vote for the Voice that can
speak for them in order for Singapore to grow healthily and wealthily.

Vote wisely my fellow Singaporeans. This is our chance to see real growth in our beloved country!


Seize the Moment

7th May 2011
May 7th 2011

What do all these dates have in common?
7 5 2011
Yes having the same group of numbers.  What is so significant about these numbers?
Make a guess?
If you are a Singaporean, you might have guessed it right.


It is the first time in Singapore's Election history that all 87 seats are being contested. Furthermore, it has the most number of candidates contesting for this election.  To add on to these excited news, the youngest candidate is only 24 years old. She is Miss Nicole Seah from National Solidarity Party (NSP).
PAP also has a young girl contesting in Marine Parade GRC, Ms Tin Pei Ling, 27 years old.  However, personally I feel that young Nicole has more leadership calibre than the latter Tin. Ms Nicole spoke with gusto during the rallies, whereas Tin doesn't even know what to say when asked what policy would she have challenged to make a difference. 

Henceforth, this election is going to be interesting.  I can guarantee that many youngsters will be engaged in this election as well.  Candidates contesting in different GRCs are getting younger and younger, which I think is a good sign.  Their appearance will sparkle interest in the young Singaporeans to be more concerned about politics and our nation (hopefully :-p)

We have to SEIZE the moment. Those above 21 years of age will be qualified to vote.  THEREFORE, my fellow Singaporeans, please VOTE wisely!  Knowing that our present ruling party will be the Big Brother (BB) again, we need to vote for more voices to be heard in parliament other than the Big Brother.  We need these voices to check, oppose (for the right cause) and navigate (if BB is goggy) in the parliament.  Only then that our country can grow healthily in every aspect. 

Presently, the BB runs the country with their own opinions without seeking the citizens' suggestion.  The PM said they 广听民意, but it is not true.  GST, ERP etc. were implemented in the midst of objections from the people.  The 2 IRs were built in the same manner.  Even their own MP shed some tears when these IRs were built. But being part of BB, he has no choice but to relent.  The BB treat the country's fellowmen like little children, everything must listen to them. When they don't listen, they will issue threatening statements like: You will regret for choosing WP (quoted by the oldest BB in the party); You will lose a good MP if Aljunied choose WP... etc.  Why should they threaten the voters?  Are they scare or what?  For so many years, they have been running the their party like an Empire. Now is different! They should be more open-minded and welcome the challenge from other parties and not sneered at others. 人身攻击(personal abuse) is a very bad weapon to use during election, but too bad many politicians like to use it to smash other candidates. 

SINGAPOREANS, We are not TOOLS for the BB to use, we have to STAND UP ON OUR OWN FEET AND VOTE WITHOUT FEAR! This is the MOMENT! Seize it!

Our Life's Journey Together

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