Yes, I have finally shifted to my new flat!

Since the day of choosing the flat till now, 4 years have passed.  During the past few months, I was madly throwing away old stuff, packing up usable things. It was really MESSY!  Hence, I have neglected my blog here and baking is the last thing on my mind because all utensils have been packed up. 

Finally, two Thursdays ago, I shifted to my new flat and till now still doing unpacking.  It's really tiring. Packed and unpacked.  However, my tiredness is compensated by the beautiful view from my flat, especially the night scene. As I stay at the top floor, I can see as far as our neighbouring country.

I have only done simple renovation to my flat ~ kitchen cabinet and floor tiles. I don't do any built-in cabinet for my rooms as I find that after making it, the room will be too cluttered. My theme colour is white, floor white, wall white, kitchen cabinet is also white in colour.

This is the outward appearance of the cluster of new flats.

This will be my home, for the next 10 years or so.  :-)

I will be back with my blogging and baking, hopefully soon.....

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  1. Happy for you. Finally can use the oven soon ya :)


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