My new baking tool

I bought this SEVERIN (German brand) mixer sometime in January this year from Courts at Causeway Point. I leave it at Courts for nearly 2 months before I carried it back home. Till now I have not used it yet.  Today I just took it out and washed it clean and hopefully to use it soonest. :-P   This mixer comes with an in-built blender and a socket that can insert a meat mincer (must buy separately). I didn't buy the meat mincer because I can buy meat from the meat stall and ask the butcher to mince it for me, so why trouble myself? :-)
This is my new built-in 57 litres oven from Mayer. It is made in Italy. I bought it during the Singapre Great Sales few months ago. It was quite a deal considering its capacity.  It cost me less than S$600. It is easy to clean too. I hope to use it more often.

Black Sesame Tuna Sandwich

In fact, I did a sandwich for dinner sometime last month but forgot to post it here. Here are the pictures. I just mixed the canned tuna with some mayo & black pepper together sprinkled some black sesame seeds, and eat it with cherry tomatoes and lettuce. Simple & tasty.

My First Dinner in new house

Yesterday night, I cooked my first dinner at my new flat after staying here for nearly 2 months.
My first dinner only consist of Steamed Ginger Chicken Drumbstick and Lup Cheong (Chinese sausage) Rice.  Ya, I know there was no vege because this meal is for one person only, so I didn't want to cook too much. I particullary like the Lup Cheong Rice. I steamed the 2 types (the red colour one & also the Duck Liver sausage) of Lup Cheong first then I cut into small pieces and returned to the cooked rice in the cooker together with the oil & mixed them well. This made the rice so fragrant when I scooped them up. I will definitely try again, though I know is kinda fattening :-)

Our Life's Journey Together

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