CNY Cookies ~ Peanut Cookies

I love peanuts. Thus, I love to use peanuts to make into different desserts, snacks or cookies. Yesterday, I managed to make my favourite peanut cookies. It's a simple yet tasty recipe by our local radio DJ Violet Fenying. Ingredients and method as follows:-
花生饼干 Peanut Cookies (粉樱)

炒香花生 : 500g ─ ① 磨碎.
(fried peanuts, grind finely)

普通面粉 : 500g ─ ② 过筛.
(plain flour, sifted)

细砂糖 : 400g ─ ③
(fine sugar).

花生油 : 500g ─ ④
(peanut oil).

全蛋 : 2 ─ ⑤ (打散).
(2 beaten eggs for glazing)

Method 方法:
1. 把花生碎, 普通面粉, 细砂糖, 放入钢盆内, 混和均匀
Mix grinded peanut, plain flour, fine sugar, in a big mixing bowl

2. 慢慢倒入花生油, 顺同一方向拌均成团
Slowly mix in peanut oil till form into a soft dough

3. 用手搓成小球状, 然后一粒粒的排在已涂上油的烤盘上, 搽上蛋液
Form into small balls, place onto a greased baking sheet, and glaze with beaten eggs

4. 送入已预热的烤箱, 180°C烘约25分钟至金黄色, 冷却后贮存于瓶内
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for about 25 mins till golden.Remove, leave to cool before storing


  1. These peanut cookies look wonderful... nothing beat home-baked :D

  2. Hi Zoe,

    Sorry for late reply. Nowadays with FB, hardly update my blog, ;-P

    Yes, you are absolutely right. Home-baked goodies are always the best and healthier as you can control the sweetness, ingredients used, texture etc.

    In fact, I browsed your blog quite often and find that you really have the spirit of excellence in baking. Beautiful bakes and photos and clear explanation. It is a bliss reading your blog.

    May you have a bountiful snake year ahead ....


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