Some baking & cooking updates

It's been sometime since I last updated my blog. I'm getting lazier nowadays >_<

Anyway, I have not stopped baking and cooking but have slowed down (really slow down) my pace. Below are some of my recent bakes and cook:

Blueberry Butter Cake蓝莓牛油蛋糕

Pork Floss Maki猪肉丝寿司卷

Korean Spicy Rice Cake韩国炒辣年糕

Muah Chee 麻芝

Honey Baked Mid-Joints 香烤蜜汁中翅

Cheddar Cheese Mini Cake 车达芝士迷你蛋糕

Banana Cake 超松软香蕉蛋糕

Baked Sweet Potato Pie 烤地瓜派

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