Yellow Split Beans

What is yellow split beans for?
There is this kind of dessert called "Tau Suan" (in Hokkien), using yellow split beans. Look at the video below and you will know.

Now you know yellow split beans in fact are Mung Beans. Mung Beans can be used in cooking many types of desserts. Tau Suan is only one of the types.
This dessert goes very well with "You Tiao or You Char Kway"(油条). Below is my version:

I follow Makansutra's recipe to the T, and the result is very satisfactory.  Come, have a bowl of Tau Suan with You Tiao! :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I am planning to make tau suan too. Hopefully I can test it out once before my DH comes back, the 3 males in my family love this dessert!

  2. Don't mention. This dessert is one of my favourite too, in fact my whole family :-)

  3. I love this dessert too, I just made not long ago but ve not posted up yetb but urs definity looks so much better :)

  4. Jess, paiseh ah, i just "copied" what Seetoh of Makansutra did .. :-P I believe yours is equally good.


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